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中文小品 Articles in Chinese

Montreal Vignette 1964
中興大學物理系1994年系刊 NCHU Physics (1994) [ HTML (Big 5)] [ PDF]

Farewell to Chung Hsing 1995
中興大學物理系1995年系刊 NCHU Physics (1995) [ HTML (Big 5)] [ PDF]

The Human Genome Project - Science Playground for the 21st Century
HC Lee, Physics Bimonthly, 22 (2000) 297-301. [PDF]

Residual Interaction in Protein
HC Lee, Natural Science Newsletter (NSC) 13 (2001) 133-135. [PDF]

Elementals on Protein and Amino Acids
ZH Wang, CC Simon Lin and HC Lee, Physics Bimonthly, 24 (2002) 320-327. [PDF]

書評: "基因, 女子, 嘎卯" 詹姆斯.華生著
Book Review: "Genes, Girls and Gamow" By James D. Watson
HC Lee, Scientific American (Taiwan; Ke-Xue Ren), April (2003). [PDF]

書評: "男人的衰退" Y.S. 瓊斯著
Book Review: "The Descent of Men"By Y.S. Jones
HC Lee, Sciene Monthly (Ke-Xue Yue Kan), June (2005). [PDF]

Letter to Editor: "Hidden Curriculum"
HC Lee, Knowledge Review, September (2005). [PDF]

Eulogy: Darwin Chang (1955-2006)
2006年2月11日 清華大學 張達文紀念會
Memorial to Darwin Chang, Tsinghua University, 2006 February 11 [PDF]

基因體 - 盲複製機
Genome - The Blind Copier
HC Lee, Natural Science Newsletter (NSC) 18 (2006) 120-123. [PDF]

On the Occasion of Master Zhong's 80th Birthday
2007年12月16日 紐約市 鍾幹老師八十大壽慶生會
Birthday Party of Zhong Gan Laoshi, New York City, December 16, 2007 [PDF]

懷念許濬 2015年10月8日
Remembering Carl Jiunn Hsu, 2015 October 10
English version for the Carl J. Hsu Memorial Service, New Jersey, 2015 October 21 [PDF]

H. C. (Paul) Lee