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Inverse symmetry in complete genomes
(2007 August DNA/07/sym/)

Shannon information and universality in complete genomes and model for genome growth (.doc)
LC Hsieh et al. (ICBP 2004; sent June 8; mtg/04/ICBP/)

Shannon information in complete genomes (old)
CH Chang et al. (CSB2004; updated and sent June 7; mtg/04/CSB/)

Self-similarity in complete genomes
TY Chen et al. (DNA/model/soc/)

Supplementary Material for ``Self-similarity in complete genomes''
TY Chen et al. (DNA/model/soc/)

Parallel tempering simulation of a minipeptide: Trp-cage (PAC interim report)
JL Lo et al. (paper; ncu/CBL/ljl/ppr/)

Status Reports

PAC status report June 2004
(.ppt; PROT/PAC/04/)

H. C. (Paul) Lee