My Family - verse in cockney

Su Wu 蘇五

Apr 20, 2010

My dearest Sibs: Thank you for your kind b'day wishes.

Words, I engage, to express my gratitude.

Your generosity emboldens my brazen fortitude

To faire une révérence et arc; and, as an etude,

To cough up another, hopefully apropos, interlude.


(now, pardon me Cockney accent)

Me luvly Family - luvliest of 'em all

Su Wu

(20 April, 2010)

Me Farver was the kindest of gentlemen, an erudite scholar,

Me Muvver was a genuine Mutter Courage, a brilliant entrepreneur.

Me younger and older wonderful Sisters are resplendently active,

In music, education, art, literature, and paleolinguistics, waxing creative.


Me younger Bruvver was a brilliant physicist, who, when much older,

Founded an Institute, and soared effortlessly to new heights in microbiology.

Me older half-Bruvver was a wonderful story-teller, who, when much younger,

Enffralled his half-Sibs, wiff wondrous tales of heroes in (封神榜, 西游记) myffology.


Our numero uno, Sister Baobao, at a tender age her genius unveiled;

Living only 1 year as a teen, dreams still unfulfilled, her kidneys... failed.

Baobao's untimely exit subtracted 1 from our 7 most Magnificent;

We were prime ≡ 3(mod 4) no more, from a grief so poignant.


Me-self, comfortably snuggled amongst me immensely talented Siblings,

Flunked piano from Mrs. Foorman, who shouted in me left ear: Vot ahrr you play-ink?

Cuddled by me kind Siblings, and counting me blessings galore, 'tis hardly surprising,

A grateful Jack-of-all-Trades has become me, and... a Master of Nuffing.

Left: Faver, Muvver, Sister Baobao, and Nanny. Beijing, 1934.

The "Pyramid", Faver, Muvver, and their Magnificent Seven. Front row from left: Su Wu/Pengpeng 蓬蓬; Nancy/Zhizhi 止止 (on Muvver's lap), Lei Liu/Pupu 勃勃; mid row from left: Vivien/Feifei 菲菲, Muvver, Dora/Ahtong 彤彤, Julie/DD 滴滴, Faver, Helen/Baobao 寶寶, Calcatta, India, 1944.


peace & luv


©2010 P.H.Y. Lee