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The Siblings

Only section headings of this article remain; the rest has been removed for privacy reasons.

Lei Liu, May 9, 2022


When Mag 7 was under one roof

Set B, the three small ones

Mag 7 in Kalimpong

First stay in Lay Kwan Dou 利群道, Hong Kong, 1945-47

In Singapore, shortly before Baobao fell ill

The big, swift transition

Hong Kong-Suzhou-Hong Kong, July 31-November 20, 1948

Second stay in Lay Kwan Dou, Hong Kong, August 4-September 27, 1948

On the veranda at Li Kuan Road, Mag 5, and with Winnie

Third stay in Hong Kong, November 20, 1948-July 10, 1951

Mag 6 together again at Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong 九龍塘羅福道

Taiwan, then the diaspora, July 1951-September 1964

Baobao and Mummy