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Yi-Shian Peng, Chia-Wei Tang, Yi-Yun Peng, Hung Chang, Chien-Lung Chen, Shu-Lin Guo, Li-Ching Wu, Min-Chang Huang, Hoong-Chien Lee
Comparative functional genomic analysis of Alzheimer?s affected and naturally aging brains
PeerJ 8:e8682 (2020)   (PDF)

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Hsueh-Chuan Liu, Yi-Shian Peng, HC Lee
miRDRN - miRNA disease regulatory network: a tool for exploring disease and tissue-specific microRNA regulatory networks
PeerJ7:e7309 (2019)   (PDF)

Chih-Chung Liu, HC Lee, Yi-Shian Peng, Ailun Heather Tseng, Jia-Lin Wu, Wei-Yuan Tsai, Chih-Shung Wong, Li-Jen Su
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Novel Genes Associated with Cartilage Degeneration in Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis Progression
Cartilage. 2019 May 20:1947603519847744   (PDF)

YS Peng, H Chang, CW Tang, YY Peng, YH Tien, HC Liu, KW Lin, LC Wu, SL Guo, HC Lee
Genetic heterogeneity in Alzheimer's disease derived from five brain regions suggest new counteractions
Journal of the Neurological Sciences | 381(Supp):771 (2017)   (PDF)

Chueh-Lin Hsu, FH Chung, CH Chen, TT Hsu, SM Liu, DS Chung, YF Hsu, CL Chen, NH Ma, HC Lee
Genotypes of cancer stem cells characterized by epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and proliferation related functions
Scientific Reports | 6:32523 (2016)   (PDF)

SG Kong, HD Chen, A Torda, HC Lee
Genomes: at the edge of chaos with maximum information capacity
Int J Mod Phys B 30: 1550255 -1-8 (2016)   (PDF)   |   arXiv:0708.1598v1_q-bio.GN (2007)   (PDF)
Peregrinations from Physics to Phylogeny, pp. 305-314 (2016), World Scientific.

Ailun Tseng, Chih-Hsueh Yang, Chih-Hao Chen, Chang-Han Chen, Shih-Lan Hsu, Mei-Hsien Lee, HC Lee, Li-Jen Su
An in vivo molecular response analysis of colorectal cancer treated with Astragalus membranaceus extract
Oncology Reports 35:659-668 (2016)  Early online publication (Nov. 2015)   (PDF)

Li-Ching Hsieh, Chih-Yuan Tseng, Liaofu Luo, Mingwen Jia, Fengmin Ji, HC Lee
Evolutionary Tree Based on Oligonucleotide Frequencies and Conserved Words in 16S and 18S Ribosomal RNA
Biomed Sci. Today, 2:e11-1-13 (2015)   (PDF)

Fengmin Ji, Lianyun Liu, Ya-Hsin Tien, Yi-Hsien Peng, HC Lee
Non-catalytic RISCs and kinetics determine mammalian siRNA sub-cellular localization
PLoS ONE 10(12): e0143182 (2015)   (PDF)

Feng-Hsiang Chung, Zhen-Hua Jin, Tzu-Ting Hsu, Chueh-Lin Hsu, HC Lee
Gene-Set Local Hierarchical Clustering (GSLHC) - A Gene Set-Based Approach for Characterizing Bioactive Compounds in terms of Biological Functional Groups
PLoS ONE 10(10):e0139889 (2015)   (PDF)

Tzu-Ting Hsu, HC Lee
Analyzing Inverse Symmetry with Original and Terminal Sites of Prokaryotic Genome
Biomed Sci. Today, 2:e9-1-7 (2015)   (PDF)

Shuiming Cai, Zengrong Liu, HC Lee
Mean field theory for biology inspired duplication-divergence network model
Chaos 25, 083106 (2015); doi: 10.1063/1.4928212   (PDF)

CC Liu, LJ Su, WY Tsai, HL Sun, HC Lee, CS Wong
Hylan G-F 20 attenuates posttraumatic osteoarthritis progression:Association with upregulated expression of the circardian gene NPAS2
Life Sciences 141:20-24 (2015)   (PDF)

Li-Chien Hsieh, Chih-Yuan Tseng, Liaofu Luo, Fengmin Ji and HC Lee
Oligo-distance: A Sequence Distance Determined by Word Frequencies
Biomed Sci. Today, 1: e5-1-8 (2015)   (PDF)

CH Chen, CL Hsu, SH Huang, SY Chen, YL Hung, HR Chen, YC Wu, LJ Su, and HC Lee
Method Designed to Respect Molecular Heterogeneity Can Profoundly Correct Present Data Interpretations for Genome-Wide Expression Analysis
PLoS ONE 10(3):e0121154 (2015)   (PDF)

MH Lee, WP Su, WJ Wang, SR Lin, CY Lu, YA Chen, JY Chang, SS Huang, PY Chou, SR Ye, SR Chen, H He, TH Liu, YT Chou, LJ Hsu, FJ Lai, SJ Chen, HC Lee, D Kakhniashvili, SR Goodman, and NS Chang
Zfra activates memory Hyal-2+ CD3- CD19- spleen cells to block cancer growth, stemness, and metastasis in vivo
Oncotarget 6(6): 3737-3751 (2015)   (PDF)

HC Lee
Functional genomics of cancer stem cell and repurposed drug discovery
BioVision Alexandria 2014 , Alexandria, Egypt, 7-9 April 2014 (Webcast)

Szu-Mam Liu, Jean Lu, HC Lee, Feng-Hsiang Chung and Nianhan Ma
miR-524-5p suppresses the growth of oncogenic BRAF melanoma by targeting BRAF and ERK2
Oncotarget 5(19): 9444-9457 (2014) (PDF)

Feng-Hsiang Chung, Yun-Ru Chiang, Ai-Lun Tseng, Yung-Chuan Sung, Jean Lu, Min-Chang Huang, Nianhan Ma, HC Lee
Functional Module Connectivity Map (FMCM): A Framework for Searching Repurposed Drug Compounds for Systems Treatment of Cancer and an application to Colorectal Adenocarcinoma
PLoS ONE 9(1): e86299 (2014)   (PDF)

Guo SL, Han CT, Jung JL, Chen WJ, Mei JJ, Lee HC, Cheng YC
Cystatin C in Cerebrospinal Fluid is Upregulated in Elderly Patients With Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain and Modulated Through Matrix Metalloproteinase 9-Specific Pathway
Clin J Pain. 2013 Jul 24. [Epub ahead of print]   (PDF)

Feng-Hsiang Chung, Henry Hsin-Chung Lee, HC Lee
A Trend-of-Disease-Progression Procedure Works Well for Identifying Cancer Genes from Multi-State Cohort Gene Expression Data for Human Colorectal Cancer
PLoS ONE 8(6): e65683 (2013)   (PDF)

A Heather Tseng, FH Chung, HC Lee, LC Wu, CH Chen, LJ Su
Microarray analysis and establishment of drug screening platform using 5-fluorouracil resistance HCT116 colon cancer cells
Genomic Medicine, Biomarkers, and Health Sciences 4(1-2): 21-27 (2012)   (PDF)

Shu-Lin Guo, PC Chen, MS Chen, YC Cheng, JM Lin, HC Lee, CS Chen
A Fast Universal Immobilization of Immunoglobulin G at 4uC for the Development of Array-based Immunoassays
PLoS ONE 7(12): e51370 (2012)   (PDF)

Chi-Hao Chen, Henry H Lee, QD Ling, HR Chen, YA Ko, TS Tsou, SC Wang, LC Wu, HC Lee
An all-statistics, high-speed algorithm for the analysis of copy number variation in genomes
Nucleic Acids Research 39, e89 (2011)   (PDF)

YA Ko, FH Chung, HD Chen, et al.
Integration of Promoter and Exon Arrays for colorectal carcinoma cell line shows pathways of neurodegenerative diseases are over-represented under Oxaliplatin treatment
3rd Annual Joint Conference on Systems Biology, Regulatory Genomics, and Reverse Engineering Challenges - (RECOMB2010), New York, USA, 2010 November 16-20   (PDF)

CY Tseng and HC Lee
Entropic interpretation of empirical mode decomposition and its applications in signal processing
Adv. Adaptive Data Analysis 2, 429-449 (2010)   (PDF)

CY Tseng, CP Yu and HC Lee
From laws of inference to protein folding dynamics
Phys. Rev. E 82, 021914 (2010) (PDF)

MS Chen, SL Guo, YC Cheng, HC Lee, CS Chen
Comparison of Slide Surfaces for the Fabrication of Pain-Related Message Molecule Antibody Microarray
The Taiwan Journal of Pain 20(1):18-26 (2010) (PDF)

HD Chen, WL Fan, SG Kong and HC Lee
Universal Global Imprints of Genome Growth and Evolution - Equivalent Length and Cumulative Mutation Density.
PLoS ONE (2010) 5(4): e9844. (PDF)

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SG Kong, WL Fan, HD Chen, ZT Hsu, NJ Zhou, B Zheng and HC Lee
Inverse symmetry in complete genomes and whole-genome inverse duplication.
PLoS ONE (2009) 4(11): e7553. (PDF)

SG Kong, HD Chen, WL Fan, J Wigger, A Torda and HC Lee
Quantitative measure of randomness and order for complete genomes
Phys. Rev. E 79 (2009) 061911   (PDF)

Chih-Yuan Tseng, Chun-Ping Yu and H.C. Lee
Integrity of H1 helix in prion protein revealed by molecular dynamic simulations to be especially vulnerable to changes in the relative orientation of H1 and its S1 flank
Eur. Biophy. J (2009) 38:601-611. (PDF)

Zi-Hao Wang, Ming-Hua Chang, Jenq-Wei Yang, Jyh-Jang Sun, H.C. Lee and Bai-Chuang Shyu
Layer IV of the primary somatosensory cortex has the highest complexity under anesthesia and cortical complexity is modulated by specific thalamic inputs
Brain Research 1082 (2006) 102-114.   (PDF)

Dominique Chu, Jonathan Rowe, and HC Lee
Evaluation of the Current Models for the Evolution of Bacterial DNA Uptake Signal Sequences
Journal of Theoretical Biology 238 (2006) 157-166.   (PDF)

Hong-Yi Bai, Chih-Yuan Tseng and H. C. Lee
Identifying Biomagnetic Sources in the Brain by the Maximum Entropy Approach
AIP Conf. Proc. 803 (2005) 527-534.  (PDF)

Dominique Chu, HC Paul Lee and Tom Lenaerts
Evolution of DNA Uptake Signal Sequences
Artificial Life 11 (2005) 317-338.  (PDF)

CH Chang, LC Hsieh, TY Chen, HD Chen, LF Luo and HC Lee
Shannon information in complete genomes
J. Bioinfo. & Comp. Biology 3 (2005) 587-608. (PDF)

TY Chen, LC Hsieh and HC Lee
Shannon Information and Self-Similarity in Whole Genomes
Computer Physics Communications 169 (2005) 218-221. (PDF)

Jia-lin Lo , Chun-ping Yu and HC Lee
Kinetics and Thermodynamics in the Folding of Trp-Cage: Simulation by Parallel-Tempering
Citeseerx (2005) (PDF)

HD Chen, CH Chang, LC Hsieh and HC Lee
Divergence and Shannon information in genomes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94 (2005) 178103. (PDF)

Junjie Shen, Shuyu Zhang, HC Lee and Bailin Hao
SeeDNA: A visualization tool for K-string content of long DNA sequences and their random counterparts
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, 2 (2004) 192-197. (PDF)

CH Chang, LC Hsieh, TY Chen, HD Chen, LF Luo and HC Lee
Shannon Information in Complete Genomes
Comp. Systems Bioinformatics (CSB2004) Abstracts (PDF)

TY Chen, LC Hsieh, CH Chang, LF Luo, FM Ji nd HC Lee
Universal lengths in complete microbial genomes
Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 18 (2004) 2448-2454. (PDF)

M. Bakkali, TY Chen, HC Lee and RJ Redfield
Evolutionary stability of DNA uptake signal sequence in the Pasteurellaceae
Proc. Nat. Acad. Soc. (USA), 101 (2004) 4513-4518. (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh, Ta-Yuan Chen, Chang-Heng Chang, Wen-Lan Fan and H.C. Lee
Universality in large-scale structure of complete genomes
Genome Biology, 5 (2004) 7. (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh, C.H. Chang and H.C. Lee
Shannon Information in Complete Genomes
The Biological Physicist, 3 (2004) 57. (PDF)

L.F. Luo, L.C. Hsieh, F.M. Ji, M.W. Jia and H.C. Lee
Search for Evolution-Related-Oligonucleotides and Conservative Words in rRNA Sequences
Comp. Systems Bioinformatics (CSB2003) Abstracts (PDF)

L.C. Hsieh, L.F. Luo and H.C. Lee
Evidence for Growth of Microbial Genomes by Short Segmental Duplications
Comp. Systems Bioinformatics (2003) Abstracts (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh, L.F. Luo and H.C. Lee
Short Segmental Duplication: Parsimony in Growth of Microbial Genomes
Genome Biology, 4 (2003) 7. (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh, L.F. Luo and H.C. Lee
Genomes are large systems with small-system statistics: Segmental duplication in the growth of microbial genomes
AAPPS Bulletin, 13 (2003) 22-27.

L.S. Hsieh, L.F. Luo, F.M. Ji and H.C. Lee
Minimal model for genome evolution and growth
Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 (2003) 018101-104. (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh, C.H. Chang, L.F. Luo, F.M. Ji and H.C. Lee
Quasireplicas and universal lengths of microbial genomes
arXiv:physics/0309006 [physics.bio-ph] (PDF)

L.S. Hsieh and H.C. Lee
Model for the growth of bacterial genomes
Mod. Phys. Lett. 16 (2002) 821-827. (PDF)

ZH Wang, CC Simon Lin and HC Lee
Elementals on Protein and Amino Acids
Physics Bimonthly, 24 (2002) 320-327. (in Chinese)

C.T. Shih, Z.Y. Su, J.F. Gwan, B.L. Hao, C.H. Hsieh, J.L. Lo and H.C. Lee
Geometric and statistical properties of the mean-field hydrophobic-polar model, the large-small model, and real protein sequences
Phys. Rev. E65 (2002) 41923-41933. (PDF).

HC Lee
Residual Interaction in Protein
Natural Science Comm. (NSC) 13 (2001) 133-135.. (in Chinese)

PG Luan, HC Lee and RB Zhang,
Colored solutions of Yang-Baxter equation from representations of U_q gl(2)
J. Math. Phys. 41 (2000) 6529-6544. (PDF)

Origin of the native driving force for protein folding
Z.H. Wang and H.C. Lee
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000) 574-577. (PDF)

The Mean-Field HP Model, Designability and Alpha-Helices in Protein Structure
C.T. Shih, Z.Y. Su, J.F. Guan, B.L. Hao, C.H. Hsieh and H.C. Lee
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000) 386-389. (PDF)

HC Lee
The Human Genome Project - New playground for science in the 21st century
Physics Bimonthly, 22 (2000) 297-300. (in Chinese)

B.L. Hao, H.C. Lee and S.Y. Zhang,
Fractal related to long DNA sequences and complete genomes
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 11 (2000) 825-836. (PDF).

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H.C. Lee and R.B. Zhang,
Geometry and representations of the quantum supergroup OSP_q(1|2n)
J.Math. Phys. 40 (1999) 3175-3190. (PDF)    Harvard ADS

JF Gwan and HC Lee
Geometric Phase in Dissipative System
Proc. High-Performance Computing on the Information Superhighway (hpcasia) (1997) 645-650. (PDF)

H.C. Lee, T.Y. Chen and B. Rosenstein
Phase diagram of crystals of dusty plasma
Phy. Rev. E56 (1997) 4596-4607. (PDF)

W.F. Chen, H.C. Lee and Z.Y. Zhu,
Quantum holonomy in three-dimensional general covariant field theory and link invariant
Phys. Rev. D56 (1997) 1170-1174. (PDF).

H.C. Lee and B. Rosenstein
Phase diagram of a dusty plasma
Phy. Rev. E55 (Brief Report) (1997) 7805-7808. (PDF)

W.F. Chen, H.C. Lee and Z.Y. Zhu,
Differential regularization of topological massive Yang-Mills theory and Chern-Simons theory
Phys. Rev. D55 (1997) 3664-3673. (PDF)

R.B. Zhang and H.C. Lee
Lickorish invariant and quantum OSP(1|2)
Mod. Phys. Letts. A11 (1996) 2397-2406. (PDF)

M. Chaichian, W.F. Chen and H.C. Lee
Differential Regularization of Chern-Simons Spinor and Scalar Electrodynamics
Phys. Lett. B409 (1997) 325-328. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Universal tangle invariant and commutants of quantum algebras
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 29 (1996) 393-425. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Yang-Baxter equation and related topics in physics and mathematics (in Chinese),
Nat. Sci. Newsletter 6 (1994) 97-100.

H.C. Lee
Commutants of quantum algebras and their application in physics
Int. J. Mod. Phys. A Supp. 3A (1993) 275-279. (PDF)

T.W. Chiu and H.C. Lee
Quantum holonomy on a lattice
Mod. Phys. Lett. A31 (1993) 2911-2918.

Y. Yu, Z.Y. Zhu and H.C. Lee
Flat connections on quantum bundles and fractional statistics in geometric quantization
J. Math. Phys. 34 (1993) 988-994. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Invariants of quantum algebras and their application in physics
Comm. Theo. Phys. 20 (1993) 371-374. (PDF)

W.D. Zhao and H.C. Lee
Spontaneous breaking of topological symmetry
Phys. Rev. Lett. 68 (1992) 1451-1454. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
On Seifert circles and functors for tangles
Int. J. Mod. Phys. Supp. B1 (1992) 581-610.    RIMS, Tokyo U Preprint RIMS-825(1991) (PDF; pages missing)
Harvard ADS    Query Google (including quotation marks}: "On Seifert circles and functors for tangles" + "lee"

H.C. Lee
Tangle invariants and centre of the quantum group
Knots 90, Osaka, Japan, August 1519, 1990, Ed. A. Kawauchi (Walter de Gruyter, 1992) 341-361. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and Z.Y. Zhu,
Quantum holonomy and link invariants
Phys. Rev. D 44 (Rapid. Comm.) (1991) 942-945. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Q-deformation of sl(2,C)x Z_N and link invariants
Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics. NATO ASI Series (Series B: Physics), vol 245 (LL Chau and W Nahm, eds. Springer, 1990) 359-371. (PDF preview)

M. Couture, H.C. Lee and N.C. Schmeing,
A new family of n-state representations of the braid group
Physics, Geometry and Topology. NATO ASI Series (Series B: Physics), vol 238, HC Lee, ed. Springer 1990) 573-582. (PDF preview)

H.C. Lee
Tangles, links and twisted quantum groups
Physics, Geometry and Topology. NATO ASI Series (Series B: Physics), vol 238, HC Lee, ed. Springer 1990) 623-655. (PDF preview)

H.C. Lee
Hopf algebra, complexification of U_q (sl(2, C)) and link invariants
Fields, Strings & Quantum Gravity, Eds. H.Y. Guo et al. (Gordon & Breach, 1990) 91-110. (PDF)

M. Couture, M.L. Ge and H.C. Lee
New braid group representations of the D2 and D3 types and their baxterization
J. Phys. A: Math. & Gen. 23 (1990)4751. (PDF)

M. Couture, M.L. Ge and H.C. Lee
New braid group representations of the B2, B2 and B4 types, their associated link polynomials and quantum R matrices
J. Phys. A: Math. & Gen. 23 (1990) 4765. (PDF)

G.J. Ni, S.Q. Chen and H.C. Lee
One-dimensional coulomb gas and quark deconfinement
Mod. Phys. Lett. A16 (1990)1265.

H.C. Lee
The analytic, principal-value and Landshoff prescription for axial gauges
Physical and Nonstandard Gauges. Lecture Notes in Physics, vol 361. Gaigg P., Kummer W., Schweda M. (eds) (Springer-Verlag, 1990) 127-136. (PDF)

G.J. Ni, S.Y. Lou, S.Q. Chen and H.C. Lee
Two-dimensional Coulomb gas studied in the sine-Gordon formulation
Phys. Rev. B41 (1990) 6947. (PDF)

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H.C. Lee, M.L. Ge, M. Couture and Y.S. Wu,
Strange statistics, braid group representations and multipoint functions in the N-component model
Int. J. Mod Physics A4 (1989) 2333-2368.    USDoE | OSIT.GOV ID:5592233

Z.Y. Zhu and H.C. Lee
Scalar field and the Polyakov string
Mod. Phys. Lett. A3 (1988) 1013.

H.C. Lee, Q. Ho-Kim and F.Q. Liu
Supersymmetry anomalies and analytic regularization
Can. J. Phys. 66 (1988) 419.

H.C. Lee and Q. Ho-Kim
An analytic regularization for supersymmetry anomalies
Super Field Theories (H.C. Lee, et al, Eds.; Plenum Press, 1987) 433.   (Springer, 1987) (PDF missing pages)

H.C. Lee
Quest for unification
Phys. Canada 43 (1987)123-130. (PDF)

J.C. Taylor and H.C. Lee
The light-cone gauge and finiteness of N=4 supersymmetric theory
Phys. Lett. 185B (1987) 363. (PDF)

M.S. Milgram and H.C. Lee
Tables of divergent Feynman integrals. II. Light-cone gauge with the Mandelstam-Leibbrandt prescription
J. Comp. Phys. 71 (1987) 316. (PDF).
Original typed version: IAEA INIS RN:23026477 | AECL-Report 9176 (1987) (PDF)

D.G.C. McKeon, T.N. Sherry, A.M. Chowdhury, H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Background field quantization and the light-cone planar gauge - counter-example of Kallosh's theorem
Phys. Rev. D35 (1987) 660. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
The general three-vertex, BRS identities and renormalizability of the light-cone gauge
Z. Phys. C - Particles and Fields (1986) 33: 107. (PDF)

G. Kunstatter, H.C. Lee and G. McKeon
Unification of fundamental forces
Phys. Canada 42 (1986) 15-16. (PDF)

G. Kunstatter, H.C. Lee and P. Leivo
Gauge invariance of the one-loop effective potential in M >/= 1 Kaluza-Klein theory
Phys. Rev. D33 (1986) 1018. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
The light-cone gauge
Can. J. Phys. 64 (1986) 624.

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Two Yang-Mills theories in the light-cone gauge - complete one-loop counterterms
Nucl. Phys. B268 (1986) 543-572. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Yang-Mills theories in axial and light-cone gauges, analytic regularization and Ward identities
Chn. J. Phys. 23 (1985) 90-143. (PDF)
Original typed version: IAEA INIS RN:19033746 | AECL-Report 8630 (1984) (PDF)

G. McKeon, S.B. Phillips, S.S. Samant, T.N. Sherry, H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Calculation of vacuum polarization in non-covariant gauges incorporating Nielsen-Kallosh ghosts
Phys. Lett. 161B (1985) 319. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Anomalous ultraviolet divergences and renormalizability of the light-cone gauge
Phys. Rev. Lett. 55 (1985) 2122. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Light-cone gauge and the principal-value prescription - Ward identities in Yang-Mills theories
Z. Phys. C - Particles and Fields (1985) 28: 579. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
On the axial gauge: Ward identities and the separation of infrared and ultraviolet singularities by analytic regularization
J. of Math. Phys. 26 (1985) 1793. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Tables of divergent Feynman integrals in the axial and light-cone gauges
J. of Comp. Phys. 59 (1985) 331. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
On the regularization of a class of divergent Feynman integrals in covariant and axial gauges
Ann. Phys. 157 (1984) 408-431. (PDF)
Original typed copy: A new method for the regularization ...
IAEA INIS RN:19033745 | AECL-Report 8261 (1984) (PDF)

Q. Ho-Kim and H.C. Lee
Nearly massless pion in a modified bag model
Phys. Rev. D29 (1984) 1455. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
A new method for regulating Feynman integrals in the axial gauge
Phys. Lett. 133B (1983) 320. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and M.S. Milgram
Exponent derivatives: An analytic technique for regulating nonlinear field equations
Phys. Lett. 132B (1983) 397-401. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and Q. Ho-Kim
Bag model and the Nambu-Goldstone pion
Phys. Lett. 125B (1983) 424. (PDF)

H.C. Lee, Li Bing-An, Shen Qi-Xing, Zhang Mei-Man and Yu Hong,
Electroweak interference effects in the high energy (e+e-) to (e+e-) + hadrons process
Z. Phys. C. 16 (1982) 65-67. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and Q. Ho-Kim
Radiative pion(+)and Kaon(+) decays and the effective qq potential near the origin
Phys. Lett. 119B (1982) 225. (PDF)

H.C. Lee, Q.-X. Shen, M.-M. Zhang, H. Yu and B.-A. Li
The QCD leading behaviour of the polarized photon structure functions and possible experimental test
Nucl. Phys. B207 (1982) 301. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and K.B. Winterbon
Strangeness-changing nonlepton decays of the kaons, hyperons, and the Omega(-) particle
Can. J. Phys. 60 (1982) 405.

H.C. Lee and Q. Ho-Kim
Photon and gluon radiative weak decays and the inclusive decays of the charmed and bottom mesons
Phys. Rev. D25 (1982) 287. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and Q. Ho-Kim
Decays of charmed mesons
Phys. Rev. D25 (1982) 178. (PDF)

A.N. Kamal, J.N. Ng and H.C. Lee
Calculation of electroproduction of W bosons in electron-proton collisions in the Weizsacker-Williams approximation
Phys. Rev. D24 (1981) 2842. (PDF)

L.M. Krauss, H.C. Lee, A.C. McPherson and P.J.S. Watson
New currents at CHEER
Can. J. Phys. 59 (1981) 1754-1768.

H.C. Lee and W.K. Cheng
Electromagnetic and weak interactions in the nucleus
Kuo T.T.S., Wong S.S.M. (eds) Topics in Nuclear Physics I. Lecture Notes in Physics, vol 144. (1981) 354-365. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. (Preview)

Q. Ho-Kim and H.C. Lee
Gluon effects in charmed meson decays
Phys. Lett. 100B (1981)420. (PDF)

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H.C. Lee
Tests of Quantum Electrodynamics with Neutron Capture Gamma-Rays
Chrien R.E., Kane W.R. (eds) Neutron Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy (1979) pp 353-369. Springer, Boston, MA

H.C. Lee
Disintegration of the deuteron by reactor antineutrinos
Phys. Lett. 87B (1979) 18. (PDF)

H. Zarek, S. Yen, B.O. Pich, T.E. Drake, C.F. Williamson, S. Kowalski, C.P. Sargent, W. Chung, B.H. Wildenthal, M. Harvey and H.C. Lee
Electroexcitation and the determination of the K-band structure in 24Mg
Phys. Lett. 80B (1978) 26. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Pion photo-production on nucleon and the hadron weak neutral current
Phys. Lett. 86B (1979) 125. (PDF)

H.C. Lee and S. Das Gupta
Nuclear shape transitions at finite temperature
Phys. Rev. C19 (1979) 2369. (PDF)

F.C. Khanna, I.S. Towner and H.C. Lee
Quenching of axial-vector coupling constant in the beta-decay of finite nuclei
Nucl. Phys. A305 (1978) 349. (PDF)

H.C. Lee
Weak interaction and parity-nonconservation in the photodisintegration and electrodisintegration of the deuteron near threshold
Phys. Rev. Lett. 41 (1978) 843 (PDF)

C.F. Williamson, F.N. Rad, S. Kowalski and J. Heisenberg, H. Crannel, J.T. O'Brien and H.C. Lee
Electroexcitation of the ground-state rotational band in 19F
Phys. Rev. Lett. 40 (1978) 1702. (PDF)

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H. C. (Paul) LEE